The perfumes are done!

A scent I blended myself of rose, cinnamon, sandalwood, and daisy which results in a lightly floral scent with an undertone of spice which slowly develops and comes forward more as it warms.

Each ingredient was chosen for it’s ties to attracting love or success. Each then has a love charm added for that extra kick, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

These are made with beeswax, massage grade essential oils, grapeseed, and jojoba oil. Each has been tested by me for wear and sensitivity. I’m extremely sensitive to most perfumes (both by scent and on my skin) and I had no reaction to the finished product. I can’t guarantee, however, that no one will have any reaction.

By purchasing you agree that you are aware reactions may occur and take the risk on yourself, and that I am not held responsible.

Each perfume solid is in a lip balm sized container that holds approx. .5 liquid oz.
I couldn’t get an accurate measure on the ring.

Perfume solids- $11 (I have 9)
Perfume ring- $14 (I only have one right now so if you want it jump on it!)
+ $3 shipping

I checked with the post office and they say anything shipped by the 8th will get to the destination by the 14th.

US residents only please, international shipping is a mess right now and crazy expensive.

Anyone who buys a perfume solid/ring will also get an extra entry into a giveaway I’ll be posting at midnight.

How to buy
Send me an ask or a fanmail stating what you’d like, I’ll confirm the amount, then go to the ‘Donate’ link at the top of my page which will take you to paypal. Enter the amount and add a note to it with your tumblr name and shipping address and actual name.

I’m usually able to send out the next day.

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