It can be very helpful to stop quantifying spirits’ actions by human morals. While some do follow our morals, many do not. Do not expect evil, do not expect good. Expect action, and be very careful. 

This is very important. Spirits can behave like humans. Spirits can look like humans. Spirits are not human.

The same goes with gods, too.




Urban Witches using cigarette smoke as a way to divine, seeing their targets motives.
Urban Witch smoking a cigarette and using the smoke to teleport between areas.

No but seriously, cigarette smoke is a big part of my practice. I do all sorts of cursing, cleansing, divining, etc with cigarettes.

I have been known to write simple sigils in cigarette smoke for my tobacco-inclined deities. Also associated with the working man, tobacco has connotations of wealth gained through hard work and is used in spells to find jobs. 


 We are a community of fortune tellers, scryers, psychics, tarot readers, lenormand lovers, divinatory healers, sooth sayers, mediums, seers, cartomancers, pendulum weavers, rune readers, bone throwers, bibliomancers and everything in between. No divination form or skill is left out or discriminated. Let us UNITE!


Pagan or any other magical practice!!! i want to follow all of you!!!







I want a directory of the tumblr witchcraft community, so that when someone is looking for a particular branch of witchcraft there’s an easy list of the blogs all in one place :)

Feel free to Add your blog to the list, and include a link, you can add your name under any applicable fields

If you have a category you fall under that isn’t on the list, go ahead an add it, you can also message me with a list of the things you practice if you’d like me to add you to the list :) I’m hoping this make it’s easier to find resources in the community, that are relevant to what someone is looking for at the time, and that we can also use it to discover similar blogs, or new interests


Astral Work


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Blood Magic (sangomancy)

Candle Magic

Celestial Work

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Energy Manipulation

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Rune Work


Sea/Ocean Magic

Sewing Magic

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Smithing (metal/craft based) Magic

Solomonic Magick

Sorcery / Black Magick / Dark Arts

Spirit Magic

Stone/Crystal Magic

Storm Magic


Textile Magic (see also sewing magic)

Weather Work (general)

Winter Witchcraft

Wizardry (as a philosophy of study)

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Thanks, graycloak- I’ve added myself to a couple areas.  I dunno if I agree with Sorcery being conflated with “black magic” and “the dark arts” per se, but… meh.  :D

I tried to put myself in a few categories.

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If you're tired of white guilt then stop having it, white guilt is literally your own guilt for being white. Be proud of your white shit if you want to. Just own that your ancestors trampled other races so that you could be in an elevated position today, and try to use that elevated position to help the ones your ancestors trampled. No one forced you to be guilty, you get to own and fix that yourself.
You know what I'm sick of? White hate. White guilt. Seriously, fuck off. I can't help the pigment of my skin any more than the last person. I am kind and loving to everyone regardless of their race, but I am so sick of being told I'm not allowed to be proud of my heritage.

Usually I don’t reblog these at all but…

oh my fucking god you’re kidding right?
Jesus, watch TV or go outside for like 5 minutes or something, the world is all about us white folk


Did you know that in NYC, without a lease, you are basically your landlord’s bitch? Neither did I. BUT HERE I AM, and here I intend to stay, and no landlord is getting my family out of our dirty, overpriced, falling apart apartment.

Subway spike/screw from Brooklyn

Red Thread

House Key

Broken Mirror

Nickel and Dime (get it…)

Water Caltrop pods from the Hudson River

(please don’t delete my text or the origin of this image)

Photoset: Southern Witch.

Their quiet spot is an empty field and they dance with their feet bare. They sleep to the sounds of creaking rocking chairs and their witch bottles are made with Mason Jars. The red clay that stains their hands works better than cemetery dirt when they feel the need for protection. Their southern charm can draw you in but beware the crossing of a southern witch. Those coy little smiles hide rather sharp tongues and even sharper fangs.

(c) christowitch


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